Update for TotalControl Facilities Management Software

New features

  • Added the KMDigital, Protocol Gateway, and OPC services
  • Can now connect to a KMDigital Tier 2 network without going through a Tier 1
  • Added an MS/TP Automatic MAC Address report to Design
  • Users in the Security Manager can now be sorted by user name, first name, or last
  • In the Web Portal, when assigning users to a home page with the Web Administrator module, the Home Page selection button now displays
  • In the Web Portal, the default names for the Audit Report are now more descriptive of the actual report
  • The Wep Portal Audit Log can now be exported as a .csv
  • Added a progress indicator for the Audit Log purge
  • Can now set the Web Portal session timeout period in the Design Studio Site Properties
  • Added an option to enable or disable the Alarm Monitor Bar from opening when an alarm is received in the General Options
  • If the SQL server is not running when Design Studio opens, the user will now be prompted to start the
  • Can now edit the Alarm Values property for multistate input and value
  • Now supports clearing the Factory Test Mode in the Network
  • Added support for adding properties of data type integer to trend
  • When an object name changes in the Network Manager, the name will now changed in the Alarm Group
  • In the Design Studio Alarm Viewer, the BACnet and KMD alarm details have been improved to be more
  • Added the Device Backup Manager to schedule individual devices for a
  • Added an Auto Commit and Restart check box to the firmware upgrade When selected, the update process automatically commits the new firmware to the controller.
  • When backing up all controllers the second time by dragging a network from Network Manager to the Resource Manager, the user will be prompted to backup or skip all Previously this required a click for each controller.
  • In the Control Basic Line Editor, hovering over a BACnet object displays a tooltip with the value of the Display Live Values must be selected.
  • A user's secret question is no longer visible in the Security Manager or the SQL
  • Added Help to the Web
  • The Web Portal no longer requires
  • In the Web Portal Schedule Manager moduel, schedules can now be copied from one day to
  • Improved Web Portal to improve compatibility with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Explorer and
  • Can now copy device configurations from most devices that previously were not interchangeable by dragging from device to device in the Network
  • In the Trend Viewer, added a tooltip that displays the full device name when hovering over a device
  • The Firmware Upgrade Manager now logs both the old and new versions of firmware in the Output
  • Objects with a Present Value property that are of data types Float or Double now use a value of 0 for the default COV increment. This includes Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Lighting Output, Large Analog Value, Loop, Pulse Converter, Trend Log Multiple, and Trend Log objects.
  • Can now monitor integers--properties of data type Signed--with Trend Log and Trend Log Multiple objects, and the live trend
  • Can now add or remove text for Event Message Text and Event Message Configuration properties for Multistate Input and Multistate Value
  • Can now copy device configurations from most devices that previously were not interchangeable by dragging from device to device in the Network
  • Live values for BACnet objects are now displayed in the Control Basic Line and Block
  • BACnet objects in the Network or Resource Managers can be compared by pressing and holding Shift while dragging one object to
  • Improved the vertical scroll bar in the Trend Viewer table
  • Added Export button to the Audit Log
  • Can now configure Logging Object and Logging Record properties in an Accumulator
  • Can now select individual devices when exporting .bnd backup files from a service or network .
  • Added network and service level BACnet back up Includes individual device selection.
  • Added KMD-5551E as a recognized KMC
  • Reduced time for BACnet backups and exporting .bnd Multiple controllers are now simultaneously backed up or restored.
  • Added an Analog Output Wizard to configure BACnet Analog Output
  • Added a refresh timer, page selection, and other navigation tools to improve performance of the Audit Log


Complete technical bulletin:


New Optergy VRF Application Datasheet

New VRF Application Datasheet


Variable Refrigeration Flow (VRF) has become very prevalent in recent years as an efficient and effective HVAC technology.  This technology dramatically changes the market for those accustomed to installing controllers on equipment like AHU, FCU, VAV, chiller and boiler plant and other traditional equipment requiring control. 

This reduced scope has the effect of reducing the market size for traditional controls and making the competition even more fierce.  The situation is further exacerbated by factory mounted controls, making even the simplest integration an unappealing controls project.

NEW Optergy Applications Overview Datasheet


 A well tuned building should require minimal day to day intervention. Any intervention necessary should be accessible on your tablet or smartphone.

Imagine receiving only critical contextual alerts instead of noise, view data for analysis, receive automated energy reports, monitor and control equipment and even be able to message occupants for upcoming maintenance or events. Imagine being able to give control back to users over their space or recovering after hours HVAC usage or utility costs from tenants....Now you are starting to scratch the surface of a SMART Building.

Have you ever tried to figure out what's in a product when making Smart Building specifying or buying decisions?
Optergy has 50+ applications to engineer/commission/operate a Smart Building. The Optergy applications overview document shows real examples of what can be applied to your specific building. View the document below and navigate the menu to see areas of interest. Download a copy (.pdf) or share the link.

For even more detail, be sure to download the Optergy guide specifications which can be downloaded here:
Optergy's pre-built applications include:
Optergy-Application-icons_BACnet Driver

BACnet Driver

Modbus Driver

Optergy-Application-icons_Time Scheduling

Time Scheduling

Calendar/Event/Holiday Management



Optergy-Application-icons_Multi Trendlog Analysis View

Multi Trendlog Analysis View

Optergy-Application-icons_Audio Paging System

Audio Paging System

Optergy-Application-icons_Alarming with Escalation

Alarming with Escalation

Optergy-Application-icons_Android & iOS Smartphone Alarming

Android & iOS Smartphone Alarming

Optergy-Application-icons_Alarm History

Alarm History

Optergy-Application-icons_User Hierarchy

User Hierarchy

Optergy-Application-icons-User Activity Reporting

User Activity Reporting

Optergy-Application-icons_HVAC Graphics Library

HVAC Graphics Library

Optergy-Application-icons_Smart Demand Management

Smart Demand Management

Optergy-Application-icons_Smart Optimum Start

Smart Optimum Start

Optergy-Application-icons_Thermal Energy Metering

Metering - Thermal Energy - Chilled, Hot, Condenser

Optergy-Application-icons_Water Metering

Metering - Water

Optergy-Application-icons_Diesel Metering

Metering - Diesel

Optergy-Application-icons_Gas Metering

Metering - Gas

Optergy-Application-icons_Electricity Metering

Metering - Electricity

Optergy-Application-icons_Waste Metering

Metering - Waste

Optergy-Application-icons_Automatic Meter Reading

Automatic Meter Reading

Optergy-Application-icons_Energy Reporting Wizard

Energy Reporting Wizard

Optergy-Application-icons_Energy Reporting Library

Energy Reporting Library

Optergy-Application-icons_CSV Report Generator

CSV Report Generator

Optergy-Application-icons_PDF Report Generator

PDF Report Generator

Optergy-Application-icons_Automatic Email Reporting

Automated Email Reporting



Optergy-Application-icons_Foyer Displays

Foyer Displays

Optergy-Application-icons_Weather Station

Weather Station


API for Trendlog & Energy log Sharing

Optergy-Application-icons_Smartphone App

Android & iOS Smartphone App

Optergy-Application-icons_Automatic Language Translation

Automatic Language Translation

Optergy-Application-icons_Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Optergy-Application-icons_SSL Security

SSL Security


Introducing P864, an Edge controller that operates building equipment autonomously and expands up to 8 IO modules total (144 hardware points). Connectivity is made easy via BACnet IP (PoE), MS/TP, and MS/TP routing. Applications include HVAC, central plant, lighting and hydraulic systems control and monitoring.

When coupled with Optergy's software and 50 built-in applications, contractors have a complete solution for Smart Controls, Smart Metering, Utilities billing, Afterhours Billing, Automated Reporting, Live Dashboards and Foyer Displays.

Optergy's built-in applications reduces engineering costs and enables contractors to offer value-added solutions at a competitive price. Optergy ensures you stay ahead of the game.

With only 3 physical parts to stock the P864 can transform from a unitary controller to a VAV controller to a plant controller all with a fraction of the price of commercially available choices.

The 864 products will ship beginning in Q2-2018.


P864 (Programmable, BACnet B-BC, 8 UI, 6 BO, 4 AO, BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, and routing, POE or 24 VDC)

864e (Expanded Input and Output module, 8 UI, 6 BO, 4 AO, high speed bus to P864, 24 VDC)

864-MSTP (Adds a high quality airflow sensor for VAV applications 8 UI, 6 BO, 4 AO, BACnet MS/TP, 24 VDC)


AFS-864 (Optional airflow sensor, plugs into P864 to add airflow/pressure monitoring applications)

BACnet Browsers

A BACnet browser is critical to analyze BACnet systems.A free BACnet browser is YABE (https://sourceforge.net/projects/yetanotherbacnetexplorer/) and BQT is a paid option (http://www.polarsoft.com/bqt.asp).  BQT is a certificied BACnet testing device and should be used when devices are not communicating properly.

 Yet Another Bacnet Explorer

Graphical explorer program written in C#, for browsing BACnet devices (run on Windows & Linux).
Currently supports both BACnet IPv4, IPv6 + BACnet MSTP + BACnet PTP + BACnet Ethernet.
Basic functions for read, write, read multiple, write multiple, iam, whois, subscribeCOV, notify, WriteFile, ReadFile etc.
Includes three demo server applications : a generic server, a wall mounted room controller simulator, a weather server (gets data from an Internet webservice).
Includes a lot of samples C# source code.
Raspberry Pi server sample code, also tested on Beaglebone & Intel Edison.
Bacnet/Mstp capture tool (only Wireshark and an Rs485 adaptor are required)
See Readme.txt for more information.

Developers/Contributors team : Morten Kvistgaard (2014-2016), Frédéric Chaxel (2015-2018), Adam Guzik (2015), Christopher Günther (2015), Thamer Al-Salek (2016)


  • BACnet serializing
  • BACnet service functions. Such as read/write/subscribeCOV etc.
  • BACnet Client and Server
  • BACnet IP over udp
  • BACnet IPv6
  • BACnet MSTP over local pipe or serial port
  • BACnet Ethernet (pcap, winpcap required)
  • DemoServer can run on same machine as Yabe
  • Assisted source_address selection in MSTP
  • BACnet segmentation
  • BACnet exotic functions, such as TimeSync, DeviceCommunicationControl, etc.
  • Remote BBMD Tables edition (Read & Write)
  • CreateObject & DeleteObject services
  • BACnet PTP (not tested yet)
  • BACnet structured views
  • Editors for TrendLog & Calendar & Notification class & Schedule & Alarms summary
  • Full BACnet C# open source stack for your applications on Windows, Linux/Mono, Android or iOS/Xamarin


BACnet Device and Object Explorer

If you're an end-user, installer or product developer who needs to quickly check out and analyze multi-vendor BACnet systems, chances are you're struggling to make your system work properly and inter-operate across vendors. A lot of times systems are not documented properly, or you just don't know "what's out there" at a given site, and you probably don't have the time to search out missing documents and call competitors for information. You need fast and reliable tools to help you find out about the BACnet devices you have and focus on solving your application problems. You need helpful, flexible tools that really work, at a price that won't blow your budget. You need BACnet Quick Test™ (BQT™).

BQT is an easy-to-use all-purpose BACnet device discovery, analysis and testing tool for Windows. BQT runs under Windows 7/8/10, Server 2008/2012 and XP, and provides a simple set of client features tailored to the needs of end-users, installers and product developers who just want to run some quick tests.

After choosing a LAN media type (Ethernet 8802-3, BACnet/IP or MS/TP), BQT immediately tries to discover the available BACnet devices on that LAN and display them in an intuitive "tree" structure similar to Windows Explorer.

The tree branches identify not only the device instance and MAC address for each device, but also the vendor and device name.


Opening a specific device branch automatically reads the list of BACnet objects for the device and shows their name and (if available) the common property Present_Value. You can even open the specific object to see a list of its specific properties and their values.


BQT goes out of its way to be "gentle" on target devices without hammering them with requests. This technique assures that BQT will operate with even the simplest BACnet devices.

You can make detailed examination of single properties with a single click. This tool allows you to do reading and writing of individual properties for quick check-out and testing.

If you need to have a tool for rapid simple tests of BACnet systems in the field, BQT is that must-have tool.

Super Easy Installation

BQT uses a unique installation technology that is very easy to setup. When you run BQT, it automatically tests for the type of operating system and LANs you have available and makes the appropriate LAN bindings automatically!


Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, Server 2008/2012 and XP (x32 and x64)
Network Interface:
any NDIS-compliant Ethernet NIC, standard serial COM port or USB and EIA-485 converter
BACnet/IP, MS/TP, Ethernet 8802-3
Single User Binary Executable
Multi-User, Site License and Reseller OEM Licensing also available

UNMS 0.12.0

The UNMS team prepared loads of changes and upgrades for you, so let's have a look at them together. If you are not sure what UNMS is and you want to get acquainted please see this link. Maybe you already know UNMS and you would like to try it out? You can either try the demo or simply install it right away. Do you have questions? You'll find lots of friendly people in our Community, ready to help you out or share some advice. From there you can also send UBNT your feature requests.

New Supported Models

The ultimate goal of UNMS is to provide support for all Ubiquiti devices, with the exception of the UniFi line, which already has its own centralized controller. That is the reason why 0.12.0 version comes with a support for three new model lines.

EdgeSwitch XP

ToughSwitch support was a top Community feature request for some time. So the first step we took was to unify the names of all our switches to EdgeSwitch in the scope of latest FW 1.4.0. ToughSwitch thus becomes an EdgeSwitch XP. Support added for this popular device with a set of features, considered to be essential for users. This essential set contains: Statistics, Log, Outages, Backups, FW upgrade and connection via discovery with support for FW upgrade.

airFiber 5XHD

Support addedfor airFiber 5XHD with FW 1.1.1-beta.1+. This exciting model contains our core communications processing engine, which surpasses all of the limitations inherent to generic Wi‐Fi chips. With more than 2,000,000 packets per second and spectral efficiency of 21.2 bps/Hz the LTU technology is by order better than its predecessors.

The essential set of features added just like with EdgeSwitch XP. Work has started on dashboard and configuration features for airFiber LTU, similar to those on airCube.


Support added for EdgePower with FW 1.2.0-beta.1+, offering a set of essential features.  Work has started on adding more, starting with the creation of a very nice dashboard.

Network and wireless configuration for airCube

With a compact design and integrated 24V PoE passthrough, the airCubeis a home Wi-Fi access point designed to interoperate with airMAX CPEs and is available in two models. Beginning with FW 2.0.1, UNMS allows you to manage all important setting on the wireless section, both for AP and repeater modes (ACB-AC + ACB-ISP). The settings include SSID, frequency, output power and security. Those are available separately for 2Ghz and 5Ghz range. In the network tab, the Bridge and Router modes are supported with basic LAN, WAN and DHCP settings. System configuration includes even LED night mode configuration.

UFiber OLT FW 1.1.0 and ONU 2.0.0

Major firmware update with router-mode management capability and added many new features so that UNMS can support everything FW OLT 1.1.1 offers. Along with the router mode LAG and VLAN configuration are available. Going with this change support for ONU FW 2.0.0 with a new UNMS ONU screen showing clients MAC addresses is available. It is necessary to have OLT firmware in version 1.1.1+ for ONU changes to work.

UNMS dashboard

The brand new UNMS dashboard is a smart display, able to filter and show the currently ongoing outages. It offers real-time highlights of important events in your network. For now, there is no complex logic behind it, but in the future, we will introduce much more complex and smarter system with a codename Insights. The prominent part of the new dashboard shows the overall health of your network according to active sites/clients. After topology network map feature, there will also be an option to showcase values like network throughput, problematic connections, and others

Remote Terminal

Fully interactive terminal with support for all commands like 'top'. Terminal will work for EdgeRouter with FW 1.10.0+, OLT 1.1.0+, airMAX AC 8.5.1-beta.1+ and airMAX M 6.1.6-beta.1+.


For a long time there were voices in the community asking for a speedtest feature. We heard you and we are delivering it now. For this extremely useful feature we used the iperf2 platform and we are sure that it will bring a major benefit to anyone dealing with network administration. For now, only support measurements between airMAX and EdgeMAX devices, but very soon there will be a speedtest to the internet.

Datalinks and the Topology Map

For now, data links can be created manually. Wireless and GPON links are connected automatically. This is a basic step for more advanced upcoming features:

  • Automatic discovery of ethernet data links/connections.
  • Interactive graphical editor of network topology with sections. Whole network (Site as the main entity) and detailed plan of each site and client.
  • Smart outages will be able to determine a specific device in the network responsible for its outage. We will no longer report the crash of the whole network segment but we will point at the specific culprit.


New CLI commands to help with UNMS maintenance and issue solving. You can still use CLI for basic actions like stopping and starting UNMS containers or to reset a password, but additionally, it is now very easy to fix your redis aof file or to refresh your LetsEncrypt certificate.

Official Documentation

You can try the new better-stylized help center here.

New Optergy Smart Phone App Data Sheet Available

NEW Optergy Smart Phone Application Datasheet

Did you know that every Enterprise and Proton site can take advantage of the the FREE Optergy companion smart phone App?

Enabled for both Android and IOS smart phone devices, the App is available NOW to download with unlimited users from Itunes or Google play.

The App has a number of cool features to offer value add solutions to your clients including;

  • Multi-site integration
  • User configurable site dashboards
  • After hours override (on-demand or scheduled)
  • Energy monitoring/reporting
  • Trendlog data
  • BACnet points - (for setpoint adjustment, override or monitoring)
  • Alarms and banner notifications with acknowledgement
  • Create maintenance tickets
  • Mass notification to App users
  • Weather data

Setup is easy and fast, using the same login credentials as the Proton or Enterprise site. Simply enable the user with App privileges, add content through App Management, then login to configure your dashboard! 

And don't forget, Optergy speaks BACnet and Modbus natively so you can add any one of these Applications to third party BMS systems too!

You can find the full data sheet on the Optergy support site or share with consultants and end users directly from the Optergy website; 

Website link here - Smart Phone Application Datasheet

New BACnet Explorer with MS/TP support is here

BACnet Explorer

Introducing a new version of the Cimetrics BACnet Explorer - the easiest way to discover your BACnet devices and objects and troubleshoot your network. For many years, the free Cimetrics BACnet Explorer has been used by facility managers, system integrators and other BACnet users to troubleshoot BACnet installations and easily explore BACnet networks.

As part of the upgrade to version 5 of the Explorer, new features have been added, including:

  • BACnet MS/TP support (works with the U+4 USB to BACnet MS/TP Interface);
  • Ability to view Schedule objects using a calendar-style interface;
  • Support for new object types - supports most BACnet 2016 object types;
  • Various discovery mechanisms - choice to discover everything, only devices or just devices with their objects.

New features for the premium version:

  • Option to save devices and objects to CSV file with extensive filtering options;
  • Option to save a network to XML file and restore from this file.

Free alarm plugin for F-series controllers

BAS professional Andrius Jasiulionis recently released an alarm management plugin for the EasyIO FG+, FS and FW controllers. AlarmDB extends the functionality of these controllers, has many great functions, is easy to use and free to download.

The Sedona Kit made for the F-series controllers lets you push alarms to server(s) directly from your programming app locally, or across the IP network. You can use CPT Tools to use AlarmDB, so there's no need to learn a new tool.

The AlarmDB plugin project is a branch of the original AlarmDB project which was ported to EasyIO controllers, so the FG and FS can act as AlarmDB servers/clients and FW controllers can be clients only.

Be sure to check out how the AlarmDB plugin works by clicking this link and reading the manual. You can also download the plugin there. And don't forget to give the developer some feedback.

Thank you Andrius!


Air Quality Monitoring

Check out Senva's TG Series and CO2 Series for cost effective monitoring of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), or carbon dioxide (CO2).

TG (Toxic Gas) Series
To continually meet the demands and requirements of monitoring parking structures and loading bays, we've expanded our gas monitoring line to include both carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide options. The TG Series sensors can be ordered as individual CO or NO2 sensors or as a combination CO/NO2 sensor in a shared enclosure. Available with an analog output that supports daisy chain wiring or a protocol version that supports both BACnet MS/TP and Modbus network communications for cost effective coverage of large areas. Standard features include field replaceable elements, element lifetime clock.

Selecting the best CO2 sensor for the job
With so many options for CO2 sensors in the marketplace, it can be challenging to find the feature set that meets project requirements. That's where Senva comes in!

We offer a multitude of standalone CO2 options as well as combination devices that offer RH and temperature in addition to CO2. The following provides a list of standard features for all of Senva's CO2 line, along with how to choose the best wall sensor to meet.