Building Automation

Building automation is important to reduce energy consumption, protect areas from humidity, and provide comfort for your employees. We offer solutions to control your lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment with factory and/or custom programmed controllers with a complete graphical interface for operators. We can integrate 3rd party controllers and devices via BACnet for a complete system.

Our facility management solution can offer:

  • Web browser access
  • User access control
  • Scheduling
  • Alarming
  • Trending
  • Custom graphics
  • Audit reporting
  • Programming


Our BACnet building controllers can offer:

  • Expanded I/O capacity of 128 inputs and 72 outputs
  • Software selectable points as digital or analog
  • Web browser configuration
  • Firmware upgradable via network (physical access not required)
  • Two MS/TP ports
  • Up to 32 Control Basic custom program sequences
  • Email notifications of alarms and events via an external SMTP server

Our BACnet terminal equipment controllers can offer:

  • BACnet IP or MS/TP communication
  • Factory program or custom field program
  • 8 local trends with 256 samples
  • 2 scheduled objects
  • 1 calendar object
  • 5 notification class (alarm/event) objects
  • 10 event enrollments objects
  • 72-hour power (capacitor) backup and a real time clock for network time synchronization or full stand alone operation

P864 - smart controller shipping Q2-2018