Meter Monitoring

Meter Monitoring can enable you to take control of your energy, water, and gas usage.  See the example below of meter monitoring:

There are many different solutions for monitoring buildings and it depends what you want.

Beuchert Technologies takes the approach of cost vs payoff. Monitoring every outlet will be very costly and will usually not result in savings; however, this can give you data on how much energy occupants are using to take corrective measures. We have seen occupants use portable electric heaters when the BAS system is not functioning properly or they are not allow to change the temperature. Restricting portable electric heaters and having a maintenance reporting system for temperature complaints can alleviate the need for type of energy monitoring. Focusing on equipment that consumes the most energy like chillers and AHUs will be the most cost effective. With an Energy Monitoring system you can compare energy consumption with BAS adjustments. If you have specific requirements then please contact us for possible solutions.

The main features of Optergy are:

  • Energy metering and reporting
  • Mobile App
  • Web server with customizable content
  • Remote Management
  • All web based tools included
  • Graphic Displays
  • BACnet IP and MS/TP
  • Simple licensing


Using Optergy's built-in display tool users can create custom display pages to represent the flow of utilities throughout a building. This could be in the form of a single line diagram or by load group. For example; electricity can be grouped into loads like - lighting, general power, lifts/elevators, HVAC, general fans. Water loads can be grouped into loads like - cooling towers, toilets potable or domestic hot water.

Here are examples of custom reports:

Please see Optergy Case Studies to see how they can help your building(s)!