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Wet transducer 900 Inch – LOWcables armored

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Pressure - Wet-Wet DP (Cable Version)

Prefabricated cables design
0 to 10~500 PSID (ranges vary depending on elements/transmitter selected)
Built-in snubbers protect sensing elements from water hammer damage
LCD display toggles between Supply,Return and Differential pressure readings
Dual 0-5/10VDC and 4-20mA outputs

Ideal for monitoring pumps and load differential pressures in HVAC systems and processes where local indication is needed.
Process control systems
Flow measurement of various gases or liquids
Liquid level measurement of pressurized vessels

The PW Cable Wet-Wet series remote sensors are installed directly into the pipe and electrical connection is made between the PWS remote sensors and the PW transmitter via cables. This dramatically reduces labor cost by eliminating plumbing/piping to a traditional transducer. Startup time is reduced since purging air out of the lines is not necessary. Traditional plumbed bypass assemblies are no longer required. Choose between the PW10 and PW20 model based on your anticipated PSID range.

Versatile Universal Transmitter
Three selectable PSID ranges per sensing element
Low and standard PSID range transmitter models
500 PSIG is ideal for high rise applications
User friendly LCD displays in PSID or kPa
Jumper selectable features for easy installation
Absolute mode outputs absolute value of difference
Port swap corrects plumbing errors
Fast/slow to select desired response time
Uni/bi directional
Test mode--forces full-scale output
Over range icon flashes if differential pressure is over-range, alerting technician to move range switch to next higher dp setting and rescale panel.
Switch selectable outputs: 2-wire 4-20mA, 3-wire 0-5V or 0-10V
High Reliability
Built-in snubbers protect sensing elements from water hammer damage
MEMS sensor technology
Snap on deutsch sensor connection
Allows for mounting sensor and quick connection of wire later
Eliminates wire twisting when tightening sensors in pipe fitting